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Rich Miletic Political views

Political Party: Moderate Republican/Libertarian
Economy: Invest in jobs, keep taxes low, reduce size of government, Free market
Environment: Love the outdoors, keep things clean for future generations
Abortion: Women have the right to choose
Protests: Peaceful protests, don't break the law
Race: Equality for all
Police: I support the police
Constitution: Freedom of Speech for all viewpoints, freedom of religion, freedom to self defend and bear arms, protection of property

View of current situation: Black people have been persecuted, no doubt about it. History has had a significant effect on black communities. I am all for doing things to correct this injustice. The system has done much in a relatively short period of time to correct them such as Civil Rights, Affirmative action, abolishing redlining, investment zones, grant and loan programs, anti-discrimination laws.

Police organizations continue to diversify and are nearly in line with the racial makeup of the citizens they serve. The percentage increase of black police officers at higher levels in the organizations continue to increase each year.  Institutional racism does not exist in America today. There are no entities that have systems in place to treat people of different races differently. There are certainly cases of discrimination and when those occur lawsuits are filed and go through the justice system.

Black people matter but I disagree with the Black Lives Matter agenda. At least two of the founders have admitted to be Marxists. I am a free market person and believe capitalism is the best system. Solutions being proposed are to defund police meaning to reduce officers in the street. This is a mistake, more police create less crime. They also believe in institutional racism but don't define any specific details on where or how this occurs so no real solution can be attained. They condone looting and violence and tearing down of statues all of which is illegal. They blame the police for targeting and killing black men but the data doesn't back this up. They say nothing about black on black crime, nothing about how the 6% of black men commit 53% of the violent crimes, nothing about how 75% of black households are single mother units, nothing about dealing with the gangs that control these neighborhoods.

I am all for improving the lives of black people particularly in the inner city but protesting about police targeting black people and institutional racism will not improve these neighborhoods. So the only conclusion to make is that their goal is not to improve inner city black neighborhoods and make lives better for black Americans but rather to tear down our systems and replace them with extreme left wing ideas. This is not a movement about helping black people, it is a movement about taking power and implementing Marxist radical left wing ideology.